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Lead, classified as a heavy metal, can leach through corroded pipes, faucets, and fixtures, contaminating water and/or the air. Exposure to lead, even at low concentrations, can accumulate the heavy metal in the body and cause further health complications. Lead is most present in the home via lead-pipes which may contaminate water, and in lead paint which may be present in surfaces/air.


According to the Safe Drinking Water Act (1986), the use of pipes, solder or flux that are not “lead-free” in public water systems or plumbing facilities providing water for human consumption is prohibited. However, homes that were built prior to the Safe Drinking Water Act may still have lead-containing fixtures and systems built in place.


Lead-based paint was banned in 1978 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Paints used in homes and commercial buildings prior to the ban may be present in dust and the air due to peeling and damaged paint chips. Inhalation or ingestion of lead-contaminated particles can lead to lead poisoning. 


BNF Consulting provides both lead-paint and water testing services to collect samples sent for laboratory testing and a detailed report regarding the presence of lead and further remediation steps.


View our sample Lead Survey reports:

After the initial lead testing, a survey report is provided analyzing the lab results of the samples. 


Click the links below to view lead survey and lab report samples.

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