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Mold Survey

​Mold is a fungus that feeds on organic materials, and thrives in warm, humid environments. It is found both indoors and outdoors and can be visible or airborne. Especially in areas of excessive moisture, leakage, or wet, damp surfaces, mold spores thrive, with some remaining dormant for years. With inspection and laboratory analysis, mold can be detected and identified to determine the severity of the situation and further remediation steps. 

All of our inspectors are NYS/CT/NJ licensed and trained to handle environments with mold presence. Upon your request, one of our licensed professionals will walk through and observe the property in question thoroughly. Air and/or surface spore samples will be collected as needed, as well as a control sample from outside, to compare the indoor conditions. 

Following the inspection, our professionals will provide a detailed, comprehensive report based on the lab results. Recommendations tailor-fit to your situation are included in the report. An estimated turnaround time of 5-7 business days can be expected starting after the day of the inspection. 

BNF Offers 3 Types of Mold Surveys:


View our sample Mold Survey reports:

After the initial mold testing survey, a survey report is provided analyzing the lab results of the spore samples. 


Click on the links below to view mold survey report samples.

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