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Asbestos Survey

Asbestos, banned in 1978, is a mineral fiber used often in constructing commercial and residential buildings. Despite its prohibition, asbestos is still present in more than half of the homes in America. Due to its fibrous structure, exposure to asbestos embeds minerals in the lungs via inhalation or ingestion. 


The EPA requires that asbestos inspections be performed before demolition or renovation to determine whether asbestos is present in materials that will be disturbed.


Upon your request, one of our NYS/CT/NJ fully licensed and insured professionals will thoroughly inspect and test the materials on your property.  Suspected materials will be carefully sampled and sent to an NYS-accredited laboratory for further testing. 


Following the survey, our professionals will provide a detailed, comprehensive report based on the laboratory analysis. An estimated turnaround time of 5-7 business days can be expected starting after the day of the inspection. 


View our sample Asbestos Survey reports:

After the initial asbestos testing survey, a survey report is provided analyzing the lab results of the spore samples. 


Click the links below to view asbestos survey report samples.

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