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Asbestos has been used in many commercial and residential buildings constructed before asbestos-containing materials were prohibited in 1978. If the asbestos material is slightly damaged, it may spread asbestos particles or fibers and be exposed to the air.

The EPA requires that asbestos inspections be performed before demolition or renovation to determine whether asbestos is present in materials that will be disturbed.

We offer a free phone/video consultation of your property when you call us.  Our professionals will explain our asbestos inspection process and what the charges may be.


Upon your request, one of our NYS/CT/NJ fully Licensed and Insured professionals will thoroughly inspect and test the materials in your property.  They will carefully take samples of any suspected materials for testing and send them to an NYS accredited laboratory.  The turnaround time for lab results is generally 3 business days.  A written BNF Asbestos survey report will be created and provided to you according to the lab analysis report.

BNF Consulting conducts asbestos testing in residential and commercial property. We cover Westchester County and surrounding areas, including New Jersey and Connecticut. 

Project Steps


Initial Asbestos 


by Licensed Asbestos

– Visual inspection, moisture survey, and Asbestos sampling (air, surface)

– Asbestos assessment report for the remediation project


Post-Remediation Inspection

by Licensed Asbestos

– Clearing the Asbestos
remediation project

– Visual inspection and mold sampling (air, surface)



by Licensed Mold Remediation Contractor

– Providing estimation 

– Demolition of affected areas

– Performing Asbestos remediation with HEPA Sandwich Cleaning



by Home Improvement

/General Contractor

– Rebuilding and restoring areas where Asbestos remediated, i.e.

drywall, insulation, flooring, etc.


  • Introduction  

: describe the general situation

  • Executive summary

: the purpose of the survey and the

  summary of the analytical results

  • Site Description

: general site information where survey was performed

  • Findings/Observations

: show the analytical results and data with

  indications of the sampled areas  

  • Photographs

: photos of the surveyed area

  • Asbestos Bulk Sampling Methodology

: describe how our survey performed.

  • Conclusion

 : brief summary of lab analysis result,

   our opinion and limitations.

After survey, we provide a survey reports including lavatory raw data.


If you want to see sample report, Please click and take a look at it. 

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