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Our Services

Mold Asbestos Testing Inspection

We offer Free Phone / Video Consultation

BNF Consulting specializes in providing 

Mold SurveyAsbestos Survey, Lead Water Testing,

Air Duct CleaningEnvironmental Survey, EMF Survey 

in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.


The key to BNF’s services is our extensive knowledge, training, and experience, which we use to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive and usable inspection reports.

Our professionals are certified, licensed, and fully insured.

Mold Removal Westchester

Mold  Survey

Lead Water Testing Westchester

Lead Water Testing

Environmental Survey Westchester

Environmental Survey

Asbestos Removal Westchester

Asbestos Survey

Air Duct Cleaning Westchester

Air Duct Cleaning

EMF Survey Westchester

EMF Survey

Project Steps


Initial Mold Inspection

by Licensed Mold Assessor/Hygienist

– Visual inspection, moisture survey,

   and mold sampling (air, surface)

– Mold assessment report for the           remediation project


Post-Remediation Inspection

by Licensed Mold Assessor/Hygienist

– Clearing the mold remediation 


– Visual inspection and mold

   sampling (air, surface)



by Licensed Mold Remediation Contractor

– Providing estimation 

– Demolition of affected areas

– Performing mold remediation with 

   HEPA Sandwich Cleaning



by Home Improvement

/General Contractor

– Rebuilding and restoring areas where Asbestos remediated, i.e.

drywall, insulation, flooring, etc.

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