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Handling Mold Issues for Homeowners presented by Justin H. Joe, PhD, CIH, CSP, CPE.

Join us for an enlightening webinar perfect for homeowners! In this session, Dr. Justin Joe will explore the essential topics, tailored to your needs as a homeowner:

Insurance Coverage for Mold:

"Is mold damage covered under your home insurance policy? How can you ensure your policy protects you against mold-related issues?"

Root Causes of Mold:

"What are the typical causes of mold in homes? How can understanding these causes help you prevent mold growth?"

Mold Discovery Response:

"Just found mold in your home? What immediate actions should you take to protect your property and health?"

Mold's Impact on Home Value:

"Curious about how mold can affect your home's market value, especially if you're planning to sell?"

Safety and Health Concerns with Mold:

"What health and safety concerns does mold in your home pose, and how can you effectively address them?"

Effective Mold Management:

"What are the most effective strategies for managing mold in your home, whether for immediate resolution or long-term prevention?"

Identifying and Tackling Common Mold and Water Damage:

"How can you identify and address the most common types of mold and water damage in homes?"

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