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A D.E.F.E.N.D. Strategy: Handling Mold Issues in Real Estate Transactions presented by Justin H. Joe, PhD, CIH, CSP, CPE.

We invite you to attend this insightful webinar!  Dr. Justin Joe will address the important questions below for real estate professionals:

Understanding Mold Challenges in Property Sales
Responding to Mold Discovery:

If a home inspector finds mold in a property, what steps should be taken immediately?

Mold's Effect on Property Transactions:

How does the presence of mold influence the process of selling a property?

Mold Management Strategies:

What are the best practices for addressing mold issues at different phases of a property sale, including pre-listing, active listing, under contract, and post-closing?

Legal Risks of Water Damage and Mold:

In instances of water damage or mold, what are the legal risks involved, and how can these risks be effectively managed?

Common Mold and Water Damage Issues:

What types of mold and water damage are most frequently identified as major concerns in real estate transactions?

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