Mold Survey

​Mold is found both indoors and outdoors. lt may begin growing indoors where there is excessive moisture, leakage, and damp surfaces that are wet. We can detect and identify what kind of mold spores in the air from mold testing and inspection.


When you call us, we will give you a free phone/video consultation of your property. The professionals explain how we perform the mold inspection and what the charges may be.

Upon your request, we walk through and observe the property thoroughly. Our fees may vary and could be flexible depending on the conditions we observe. We quote our price based on the number of samples which can only be determined at the site by testing.


Our professionals will provide a detailed, comprehensive report that is based on lab results. The turnaround time for lab results usually takes 3 business days. Then our inspectors analyze the lab report and finalize the BNF Mold Survey Report.


An NYS/CT/NJ licensed inspector will examine your place to detect where the growth of mold is. In the presence of molds, we have the proper training and equipment to handle the situation. Advanced recommendations that are tailor-fit to your condition will be given upon checkup.


Initial Mold Inspection

by Licensed Mold Assessor/Hygienist

– Visual inspection, moisture survey,

   and mold sampling (air, surface)

– Mold assessment report for the           remediation project


Post-Remediation Inspection

by Licensed Mold Assessor/Hygienist

– Clearing the mold remediation 


– Visual inspection and mold

   sampling (air, surface)



by Licensed Mold Remediation Contractor

– Providing estimation 

– Demolition of affected areas

– Performing mold remediation with 

   HEPA Sandwich Cleaning



by Home Improvement

/General Contractor

– Rebuilding and restoring areas where Asbestos remediated, i.e.

drywall, insulation, flooring, etc.

Mold Project Steps

Mold Survey Report

  • General Background

       :  Describe current condition

  • Observations

       : Describe where mold was visible

         from the survey.

  • Measurements And Summary Of Results   : Provide lab analysis result and       

         explanation in detail.

  • Remediation Plan

        : Recommend further required plan

          and mold prevention Suggestions

  • References

  • Appendix A

       : Laboratory Analysis Report(s)

After the Mold Testing survey,

we provide survey reports

including data analysis, lab results. 


If you want to see a sample report,

Please click and take a look at it.