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Fire Damage / Environmental Survey

Fire and soot damage may linger throughout an affected building, even in areas that the fire or smoke has not reached. Smoke contains lethal compounds of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and soot which may cause permanent damage in the lungs. Structures damaged by fire typically deposit soot, black or gray particles resulting from incomplete combustion. Inhalation of soot travels to the lungs and/or bloodstream and becomes embedded. Exposure to such particles may lead to diseases such as coronary heart disease, cancer, asthma, bronchitis, etc.

When fires are extinguished with water, all materials and furniture may be compromised. Water damage not only stimulates mold growth but may disturb asbestos fibers and increase exposure to these indoor air pollutants.


BNF Consulting provides services to address the health of the indoor air quality for fire and soot damaged structures such as total volatile organic compound (TVOC) testing, smoke odor sampling, soot analysis, and formaldehyde air and bulk testing to address and provide recommendations to remediate the damage. 



Fire and soot testing informs the client of the extent of soot particles present and whether exposure levels are acceptable. Because soot particles are oftentimes undetected in areas that it may spread to, t is essential that an inflicted area is tested for the presence of indoor air pollutants resulting from fire and soot damage to properly remediate and restore the structure.

Environmental Survey(Industrial Hygiene Service)

BNF Consulting offers a full range of safety and environmental industrial hygiene services, including air monitoring, bulk sampling, noise surveys, indoor air quality assessments, and both ionizing and nonionizing radiation monitoring. BNF first provides an initial Industrial Hygiene Safety assessment to determine exposure potentials. We prioritize the health of our clients, therefore, we develop a sampling plan that will meet your needs. BNF has strong backgrounds in the use of appropriate NIOSH, OSHA, EPA, and other regulatory agencies sampling protocols.


After receiving the monitoring results, BNF Consulting develops corrective actions, including control measures and recommendations for process changes that will ensure employee safety and health, all of which are contained in a written Industrial Hygiene report that is provided to you.

To ensure a healthy, compliant, and safe environment, BNF Consulting:

  • Collects indoor air quality samples and evaluates data

  • Evaluates low-level contaminants

  • Performs noise and vibration surveys

  • Performs site safety surveys

  • Conducts compliance audits

  • Tests for OSHA compliance

  • Conducts ergonomic assessments

  • Makes timely, cost-effective, and site-specific recommendations

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