Soil Testing

Soil testing provides essential information on soil health and baseline nutrient status. 

It forms the basis for efficient, cost-effective use of lime, fertilizers and trace elements.

Water Quality

Over 15 million U.S. households (approximately 15 percent of Americans) rely on private water wells for drinking water. Though the EPA does not regulate private wells for drinking water, these wells should be monitored for pollutants. Many states and towns do not require sampling of private wells after installation. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain the safety of their water.

Lead Paint Testing

Lead poisoning is the #1 preventable childhood disease in the United States. Children can easily ingest household lead in paint chips, tap water, dust and the soil. BNF Consulting is licensed, certified and experienced in identifying lead hazards.​ Our services cover Westchester County and surrounding areas including White Plains, Scarsdale, New Rochelle, Katonah, Bedford, Pleasantville, Ardsley, Stamford, Greenwich, Norwalk, and Port Chester.

Industrial Hygiene

BNF Consulting offers a full range of safety and environmental industrial hygiene services, including air monitoring, bulk sampling, noise surveys, indoor air quality assessments and both ionizing and nonionizing radiation monitoring. BNF first provides an initial Industrial Hygiene Safety assessment to determine exposure potentials. We prioritize the health of our clients, therefore, we develop a sampling plan that will meet your needs. BNF has strong backgrounds in the use of appropriate NIOSH, OSHA, EPA and other regulatory agencies sampling protocols.


After receiving the monitoring results, BNF Consulting develops corrective actions, including control measures and recommendations for process changes that will ensure employee safety and health, all of which are contained in a written Industrial Hygiene report that is provided to you.

To ensure a healthy, compliant, and safe environment, BNF Consulting:

  • Collects indoor air quality samples and evaluates data

  • Evaluates low-level contaminants

  • Performs noise and vibration surveys

  • Performs site safety surveys

  • Conducts compliance audits

  • Tests for OSHA compliance

  • Conducts ergonomic assessments

  • Makes timely, cost-effective, and site-specific recommendations

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