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Lead, classified as a heavy metal, can leach through corroded pipes, faucets, and fixtures, contaminating water and/or the air. Exposure to lead, even at low concentrations, can accumulate the heavy metal in the body and cause further health complications. Lead is most present in the home via lead-pipes which may contaminate water, and in lead paint which may be present in surfaces/air.


According to the Safe Drinking Water Act (1986), the use of pipes, solder or flux that are not “lead-free” in public water systems or plumbing facilities providing water for human consumption is prohibited. However, homes that were built prior to the Safe Drinking Water Act may still have lead-containing fixtures and systems built in place.


Lead-based paint was banned in 1978 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Paints used in homes and commercial buildings prior to the ban may be present in dust and the air due to peeling and damaged paint chips. Inhalation or ingestion of lead-contaminated particles can lead to lead poisoning. 


BNF Consulting provides both lead-paint and water testing services to collect samples sent for laboratory testing and a detailed report regarding the presence of lead and further remediation steps.

NYC Lead Inspection Services

Ensuring Safety and Compliance with Local Law 31

Welcome to BNF, your trusted partner for certified lead inspections in New York City. In light of the latest updates to the NYC Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Act, we are here to help landlords and building owners comply with the stringent requirements of Local Law 31 of 2020, safeguarding the health of children and residents.


What is Local Law 31 of 2020?

Local Law 31 of 2020 is a critical update to the NYC Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Act (Local Law 1 of 2004). This legislation mandates comprehensive lead-based paint inspections using X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology, enforced by the NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development (HPD).

Key Requirements:

Certified Inspections: Landlords must conduct XRF lead inspections for all tenant-occupied dwelling units and common areas in pre-1960 residential buildings. Buildings constructed between 1960 and 1978 with known lead-based paint are also subject to these requirements.

Timeline: Inspections must be completed within five years of the law's effective date, by August 9, 2025. For units with children under 6 years old, inspections must be done within one year of the child's move-in date.

Updated Requirements: As of Local Law 111 of 2023, all common areas must also be inspected by August 2025. Local Law 66 of 2021 has lowered the threshold for defining lead-based paint from 1.0 mg/cm² to 0.5 mg/cm², effective December 1, 2021.

Who Needs to Comply?

Local Law 31 applies to all residential building owners in NYC, including those with condominiums and co-ops:

Rented/Sublet Units: Any condo or co-op unit that is rented or sublet must adhere to the 5-year (or 1-year) XRF inspection requirements.

Owner-Occupied Units: Units occupied by the owner, shareholder, or their family are exempt from these inspection requirements.

Lead Testing Requirements for Units with Children Under 6

Accelerated Inspections: Units with children under 6 must have inspections completed within one year (by August 9, 2021 initially).

Residency Definition: This requirement also applies if a child regularly spends 10 or more hours per week in the unit.


What is X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analyzer Testing?

XRF analyzers are sophisticated tools used to detect lead in paint on various surfaces. These devices are operated by trained professionals to ensure accurate results and compliance with Local Law 31 standards.

Benefits of XRF Testing

Quick and Accurate: Inspections typically take under an hour and provide detailed reports.

Certified Process: Must be conducted by EPA-certified lead professionals to meet regulatory requirements.

Why Choose BNF for Your Lead Inspections?

At BNF, we are committed to providing thorough and reliable lead inspection services to help you comply with Local Law 31. Our EPA-certified inspectors use advanced XRF technology to ensure your property is safe and meets all regulatory standards.

Our Services Include:

Comprehensive XRF lead inspections for all required surfaces

Detailed reports and documentation to ensure compliance.

Expert guidance on remediation if lead is detected.

Assistance with record-keeping to meet the 10-year requirement.

Avoid Costly Violations

Failure to comply with Local Law 31 can result in significant penalties, including:

Class “C” Hazardous Violations: With fines ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 per violation.


By choosing BNF, you can avoid these penalties and ensure the safety of your tenants, particularly young children, from the dangers of lead exposure.


View our sample Lead Survey reports:

After the initial lead testing, a survey report is provided analyzing the lab results of the samples. 


Click the links below to view lead survey and lab report samples.

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