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“Mastering Mold Remediation: 10 Essential Tips for a Flawless Post-Remediation Assessment” presented by Justin H. Joe, PhD, CIH, CSP, CPE

Webinar Description:

Are you ready to elevate your mold remediation skills and ensure your post-remediation assessments are failproof? Join us for a dynamic webinar tailored for mold remediation contractors, packed with insights and practical advice.

Key Topics With Engaging Questions:
Beyond Killing Spores:

Learn why just killing mold spores is insufficient. Discover the importance of complete mold removal for effective remediation.

Dust-Free Surfaces:

Understand the significance of ensuring no visible dust post-remediation and learn methods to achieve pristine surfaces.

HEPA Filters – Essential Tools:

Explore the impact of using new HEPA filters in air scrubbers and vacuums, and how it can drastically improve air quality post-remediation.

Equipment Quality Control:

Discuss the importance of measuring particle counts from vacuums and air scrubbers to verify their effectiveness.

Air Pressure Management:

Strategies for implementing negative or neutral air pressure across different phases - Demolition (Negative), HEPA Sandwich Cleaning (Negative or Neutral), Air Scrubbing (Neutral).

Ensuring Containment Integrity:

Best practices for foolproof containment measures in mold remediation.

Moisture Readings:

The critical role of accurate moisture readings in mold remediation and techniques to master this skill.

Humidity Control:

Insights into effective humidity management to prevent mold recurrence.

Post-Remediation Inspection:

The importance of thorough inspection as a quality assurance step to avoid future disputes.

Safety First:

Understanding the impact of prioritizing safety in mold remediation, including respiratory protection and confined space entry, to protect the health of occupants and workers.

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