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BNF Affiliate Program

Boost Your Earnings!

Earn More as a BNF Affiliate Partner

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Welcome to the affiliate program for our comprehensive environmental testing services. BNF provides a wide range of services to ensure safety and health. Our services include inspection and testing of Mold, Asbestos, Lead, Air Quality and more. Our affiliate program allows you to earn a commission by promoting our services to your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and others you may come across during your day including online connections. By partnering with us you will earn a commission on the sales generated through your referral.

Here's how it works:

  • Identify Someone needing Environmental Inspection Services

  • Have them call us to discuss

  • When we book the inspection you will be notified

  • The referrred job must be complete and paid in full

  • Your affiliate account will then be credited with $75

  • You will receive your commission monthly

  • Comission payable via Zelle, Venmo, Gift Card

Please send BNF an email using the link below with:

Your name, company name, cell number, and payment preference.

We will then send you a telegram link so you can join

our affiliate telegram group we will create for you.

Join our affiliate program today and start earning a commission for promoting our top-quality environmental testing services.

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